We are the manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of non-alcoholic beverages including but not limited to Fruit Flavoured Concentrate, Fruit Flavoured Drink Base (Bes Minuman Berperisa), Fruit Cordial, Fruit Syrup, Fruit Drink, Syrup for 3 Layer Tea, etc. All of our products are HALAL certified by Jakim. The products are packed in PET Plastic or GLASS bottles.

As we have been focusing more in manufacturing, we are now looking for distributor / wholesaler partner to extend our product reach and stronger growth. The distributor partner will sell our upcoming new products as well as existing products. Our long history of experience and expertise help to ensure a quality product with competitive pricing and the capability of introducing new products.

If you are a distributor / wholesaler, please contact us to discuss on how we can grow our business together.

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