OEM Beverage

We develop beverage products for OEM customers. These products include Fruit Flavoured Concentrate, Fruit Flavoured Drink Base (Bes Minuman Berperisa), Fruit Flavoured Cordial, Fruit Syrup, Syrup for 3 layer tea, Gula Teh C Special, etc. These products are distributed by our OEM customers under their brand and are packed in PET Plastic or GLASS bottles. Our product pricing is competitive. We design new product, customize existing and propose the product in accordance to customer requirements in all aspects from beverage formula till packaging design. This enable customer to focus more on sales, marketing and distribution of their products.

More importantly, our production management and flexible facilities enable us to offer product in small quantities to meet special customer requirement on inventory. Besides, our long history of experience and expertise help to ensure a quality and suitable product that will grow customer's business. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss on how we can grow your business and provide the final sample for your evaluation.

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